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  • alannamichaelweddi

Southern Grounds

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Neptune Beach & San Marco

  • 1671 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL – 32207

  • (904) 619-1503

I’m a bit behind on the Jacksonville coffeehouse scene. I know I’ve proclaimed my love for the Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe. I’ve definitely mentioned my appreciation for Bold Bean’s scrumptious wonders. But I have left out the likes of the Coffee Grinder, Sago Coffee, and most importantly: Southern Grounds.

Coffee Shop Pros:

  • Huge indoor seating area with small study tables, comfy chairs and large group dining areas

  • Large patio with cute outdoor lighting

  • Soothing beach art on the walls

  • Tons of healthy lunch options

  • Lattes, chai and even matcha drink options

  • Beer & Wine available

  • Cheap and tasty everything bagels with herb cream cheese

  • Fresh baked pastries, cakes, macarons and other goodies

Coffee Shop Cons:

  • Coffee is a teeny bit overpriced

  • Parking can be a little funky, but usually there is space in the overflow lot across the tracks

  • Such a comfy vibe you will be tempted to stay for hours and spend way too much on baked goodies

  • They used to serve Biscotti’s cakes that were decadance heaven

Find SoGros All Over Jax

The San Marco SoGro is only a hop skip and traintrack jump from my apartment. It’s an easy drive, complete with glimpses of the downtown Jacksonville skyline in the distance.

Birthday Brunch at Southern Grounds

I mostly frequent the San Marco Southern Grounds & Co. When I’m in Neptune Beach, I typically pay a visit to the other SoGro location (like when I visited there nearly every day of my honeymoon stay at One Ocean!). They have locations at the Jax Airport and in Avondale as well.

This may be slowly becoming my fave work away from home spot!

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