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Charlie’s Diner

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Do You Put Hot Sauce on Your Eggs?

This is a great Saturday morning family destination. The diner has a super cute retro vibe with some red and black booths, a juke box and classic photos. The food is delicious and the prices are practically throwbacks.

Ever wish you could go somewhere they could remember you? Maybe even remember your

order? Then This is the breakfast place for you. Tossed on the side of the endless Philips Highway, is a red sign featuring the name of this very homey diner, Charlie's.

Can We Have Biscuits?

The menu has your staples, like omelets, pancakes, waffles, grits, French toast, sausage and gravy, and also corn beef hash. The fresh biscuits are the perfect jelly or honey boats. The Bacon and Swiss omelet is great. The eggs are scrambled just right and ready for ketchup. The hash browns are ready for some Louisiana Hot Sauce.

There are books to grab, some outside seating and friendly diners nearby. We just discovered this gem and would join a Charlie's Club if they had one!

Bustling Morning Rushes

The service is great with only one server handling heaps of table with some back up from the busser/sometimes server. The one server deftly handles all 20 tables. She zips around like a pro. She might have a buzzer help or a line cook take a few extra orders, but you won't be forgotten. Sometimes it's standing room only.

On a bustling morning you might find yourself sitting outside waiting for a table. You could opt for a seat at the bar. But that gets harder when you a high chair is a required part of your dining experience.

Rocket Fuel

Try the Handhelds

While you are waiting, there are books for kids and adults you can lead through. It has that old school feel of your aunt's house. Just kick back and ask for them to make your favorite scrambled eggs, some big ol' pancakes or corn beef hash.

There is a nice lunch menu we haven't explored yet. They have great bagels and Rocket Fuel Handhelds, too. They will serve you unlimited mugs of their delicious coffee. Denny's, IHOP and Waffle House will be left in their dust.

There are plentiful bottles of hot sauce, Charley himself eats their regularly and the prices are dirt cheap. Do I have to say more?

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