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Maples Street Biscuit Bliss

Biscuit and Gravy from Maple Street

“If you had a garden, what would you plant?”

That what the girl who took my order asked me when I walked in. It was the question of the day. Rather that doing the Starbucks call your name shtick, they call out your answer. So for this, the idea was to call out the plant when the order was ready. Totally adorable system. Her question was a tough one. I had to think about this without coffee fueling my brain.

"Peppers."is what I went with. I’ve been asking myself what I should be planting in my life for the last few years, but I went with something that I knew was an easy win.

Because Biscuits

I heard more scuttlebutt about this restaurant. I asked if it was worth all the hype. Was it another TacoLu? Someone said “sure, it’s a little hipstery and overpriced.” But that person – I don’t remember who it was – failed to mention much about the food.

I love biscuits. However, whenever I imagined this place I pictured muffins. Don’t ask me why. But big, heavy, Sam’s Club style muffins with nuts. It sounded semi-appealing. Breakfast is also a super fun meal to go with friends too, so that had me leaning to check out this place.

Then I realized the closest one was by Jax beach, and even that wasn’t very close. Meanwhile, Metro Diner was across the street. And you know my feelings on that place. The Maple dreams faded for a time.


Maple Street Planning

Until one free weekend rolled around and a beach and breakfast trip seemed like a good idea. I suggested Maple Street to my bumble girls. They enthusiastically agreed. I should have known then the foreshadowing of deliciousness. Those weekend plans swerved a bit when my mom ended up coming to town. However, she’s made some killer butter and honey biscuits in her day, so surely she would like this place. The plan was on the calendar, but I failed to actually write it down because I’d double booked myself. The weekend wasn’t free after all! I had a baby shower, so biscuits would have to wait.

Saturday, July 15th rolled around full of beach and biscuit promises. My lovely friend Megan agreed to the trip and showed up in an adorable brunch-style maxi, aka, totally cute red dress. And I arrived with messy hair and biscuit hunger. Once I parked, I was immediately enchanted!

Chicken, Gravy and Coffee Mugs

No one told me about the fried chicken. No one told me about the sausage gravy! The wall of mugs! The coffee bar with artisan signs for the flavors. The habanero jelly. The FREE Pecan iced biscuits. The hot sauces ALREADY on the table. It was a place for FEASTING.

It was maybe the good kind of hipster. A homey, artsy, fresh and original place that is not at all overpriced. Portlandia would be jealous.

Choosing what to order was difficult. I had to forgo the amazing sounding potatoes and hash since I was going to be making a beach appearance later. I chose the chicken biscuit with sausage gravy, cheddar cheese and bacon. It was extraordinary. Because I like sweet and savory, I got the gravy on the side, to put butter and honey on the biscuit. Just because you serve it as a sandwich doesn’t mean I have to eat it that way. The gravy was awesome, and I had plenty of leftovers.

Now I am a sucker for flavored coffee. Hazelnut Panera dregs will tempt me any day. At Maple Street, the coffee was so yummy. It was sweet like that Santa's Christmas at Barnie's. It was way better than Einstein's. Yes, carbs and java is the way to start the day.

Dark Bark Maple Street Coffee
Choose Your Own Coffee Adventure

Bonus Biscuits

My friend got the chicken biscuit with the habanero jelly and goat cheese. With a little creamy sweetness and spicy flavor, she also made an excellent choice.


We hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks, so after catching up about life, jobs, lipsticks, boys and adventures in dancing, we finally just paused to take in the tastes and enjoy the moment.

While we were basking in biscuit bliss, an employee came up to ask us how our meal was. I was cradling the Maple Street mug and raving about our new found restaurant, and he asked where we were from. Both of us were newish to Jax, but a little late to discover this restaurant. He surprised us as newbies by getting us a free order of the little iced pecan goodies. Man, what a sweet treat. He also told us that they will be opening a Maple Street near Southside (where I live), in the Fall.

Is it Fall yet?

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18 août 2023

Once again you made me hungry!

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