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Cemetery Gravestones

RIP to the OG
Beloved Restaurants

Pour one out for the places that have closed their doors. Here is the restaurant graveyard that I wish didn't have to exist, but alas we can't have beermosas and poutine on a rooftop while overlooking the St. Johns River. Gone are the days of rolling out of bed and into Deerwood Diner.  Change is the only constant.

Black Sheep

My friend and I headed to Black Sheep after church as we were craving a Sunday brunch and the menu for this place looked tasty without being overly expensive.

We picked an outside table since outside it was a perfect combination of sunlight and breeze. We did get a glimpse inside to see a cafe area that was decidedly more modern but still fitting the Black Sheep theme.

My first impression was all wrong. Siri directed me to the back of the restaurant in the middle of the Riverside/ 5 Points Jacksonville area, it took me the back way. The restaurant looked like an industrial area with businesses and a gym. But a short walk around the building revealed a pickle barrel outside porch and a trendy spot for brunchers, lunchers and more.

Craft Cocktails & Brunch Booze

We started with a brunch basic – a tasty bev. I got a beermosa – my first time trying this combo and was served with a goblet of goodness. The cigar city beer and orange created a sugary and hoppy citrus blend. My friend got an elderberry infusion something or other with big, gorgeous ice cubes, a cucumber flavor and a solid dose of vodka. The drinks were delightful! We also ordered the deviled egg app which had an interesting yoke spice. They weren’t my fave deviled eggs ever, but they were a yummy app.

If you’re a drinker who likes craft cocktails and gets hyped reading about the latest speakeasy that opened in town, you will like this place. They have all the aromatherapy infusions and herb extractions to muddle into your drink or stir with a swizzle spoon. I usually balk at the the thought of egg whites with alcohol. And if someone is adding drops of a mixture that looks like medicine into my drinks, I say no thanks. Especially since it will most likely taste strange and cost twice as much. Contrary to my stance on this though, my friends infused bev was actually tasty.

Sausage & Hash Heaven

Now my friend and I went into Black Sheep with serious appetites. It was 12:30 and we skipped breakfast, so this was the ideal time to devour heaps of food. Which brings up one of my fave quotes, “Hunger is Nature’s Greatest Spice.” It was time to order. I got the sausage omelette with breakfast potatoes and Sheri got the potato, egg and hash skillet. I asked for hot sauce and they asked if I wanted the house hot sauce. They make their own sauce! This was a sign our meal would be good.

“Hunger is Nature’s Greatest Spice.”

My omelette was great. The eggs were fluffed, the inside of it was filled with perfectly spiced sausage and pimento cheese. I would never think to put pimento in an omelette but it was good. I topped my ‘taters with the house sauce – mildly spicy, smoky and a little vinegary- and dug in. Sheri’s dish was topped with yokey eggs and filled with tons of hash chunks. We were both expecting it to be ground (which I think we both prefer) but it was still a tasty and filling meal. I will definitely be going back here.

Later, as I mentioned this restaurant to friends, they all asked the same question: did you sit on the roof? WHAT? I had no idea there was another sitting area and bar up there. Now I have to go back to experience this and check out their happy hour offerings.

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