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  • alannamichaelweddi

Elite Event: Breakfast for dinner @ Vicious Biscuit

Freshly poured and perfectly portioned mimosas.

Mimosas and Yelp Swag
Mimosas & Swag

The staff worked feverishly, popping bottles to get mimosas into the hands of every yelper walking in on this slow Tuesday night. As per usual, there was plenty of SWAG, including car air fresheners, mouse pads, and branded shades.

Chicken & Waffles FTW

chicken and waffles
Chicken & Waffles

This place could have been called Vicious Waffle - especially with its epic jam bar. I mean, sure, you can doll up your biscuits with butter and jam, but dipping your waffle in a sweet and spicy jelly? It's a Southern-style slam dunk.

This restaurant is another new chain making its way to North Florida. This is the 7th store!

How Many Pajama-Clad Yelpers Can You Find?

Whether donning a silky blue robe, long white linen robe, or matching pajama set, the helpers showed up in style. Everyone was pleasantly underdressed. Like it was time to hunker down for a nice pre-Idalia meal.

Chicken + Biscuits + Shrimp + Grits + Waffles

We could choose one of two main entrees, the pimento cheese and chicken biscuit or the biscuit with shrimp and grits. I chose shrimp and scared down the cheesy grits with fresh shrimp and bacon atop.

Cheers to Yelp Community Manager Rachel T.

Yelp Community Manager Rachel T.

She can sip mimosas and mingle with a room of 30, no sweat.While I normally spend my Saturday breakfast at Charlie's, sometimes you must branch out.

Give the Servers an Encore!

If you want to hear more details about the pajama party from the perspective of other Yelp Elites, go here. You can follow me on Yelp, start writing reviews and maybe I'll see you at the next event!

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