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Apple Pie

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  • Alanna Salussolia


Trying a new brunch can be a thrilling weekend gamble. Skipping the Old Faithful's like Charlie's and Metro Diner for another pancake dream. I'd seen the ads by Atlantic Beach when the other Grumpy's was in construction. Once we moved by 210, we were just down the road from Grumpy's. Ever since I'd missed the Yelp Breakfast for dinner pajama party at the Orange Park location, I wanted to know if this place would turn me into one of Snow White's sad dwarves.

When I finally got to visit, I could there were pancakes with circumferences that were nearly larger than the white china plates each was served on. This was promising. They didn't take reservations, so on this busy Sunday we drove up to a porch spilling with hungry people. Squeezing through the crowd, we put our names in.

Porch Playtime

Back on the porch, we noticed the coffee and water station outside. Sleepy mommy and daddy eagerly partook. I wondered which would happen first, the coffee cooling down or our table being ready.

We looked for seats and eyed the adults playing with the giant Connect Four. Their table was soon ready and Lucy and I inched toward the box of red and black Connect Four rings. We moved the box to the side so Lucy could reach the top and deposit the rings into the yellow slot. It wasn't so much about getting four as using every single ring and matching them in different columns.

Say Yes to Outside Seating

The crowd of hungry people waiting for a table bumbled cheerfully. It was a beautiful day and there was a long corridor down the shopping plaza for milling about. The pleasant wait ended in less than 30 minutes and we were ushered to our first available outdoor table. The outdoor heaters felt great on this chilly North Florida morn.

Getting comfy at our table, it was time to occupy the toddler. Nothing quite like having a drawing dad on hand to help with the wait for lunch. Notice the crayons and creativity created by my daughter and husband.

Since it was later, we opted for the lunch items. My husband got the Patty Melt, I got the Philly Cheesesteak, and my daughter asked for Grill Cheese, please. Because I was still feeling the chill, I got a cup of tomato soup.

Our savory feast was not the sweet scrumptious servings of breakfast goodies that I originally came there for. But the meal was delicious, our server was friendly, and we were eager to return.

Birthday Breakfast

Not too long after that first meal, my girlfriends and I returned to Grumpy's for a birthday brunch. We quickly learned they did not serve alcohol, so we had to forgo any notions of celebrating with rounds of Mimosa toasts. Adjusting our beverage intentions, I ordered the flavored coffee to start the day with a big more dignity. It was time to choose from items like pancakes, french toast, and eggs benedict.

Most mornings I crave carbs like potatoes, biscuits, waffles and maybe sausage gravy. Eggs don't often tempt me (unless I know the hollandaise will be epic). If life was made of only bread and potatoes, I think I would be quite pleased with that. I landed on the best of both worlds, sweet and salty. I got the cinnamon roll and hash browns.

It was the perfect blend of soft bread and cinnamon sugar doused in sweet white icing. I put a little hot sauce AND ketchup on my hashbrowns and dug in. I sipped my coffee, and sighed and the simplistic excellence of it all. Who needs eggs?

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