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Jax Beach Brunch Haus

Chai Latte

AIA Intrigue

For many years (5 to be exact), I've driven by this Jacksonville Beach destination and felt the hungry intrigue of a restaurant not yet visited.

I would be driving to the beach, pass the brown and blue building, and wonder about the unfamiliar spelling of house. I would think, a German brunch experience?! Sounds fabulous. I just needed a special occasion to drive out to Jax Beach and have a meal.

Birthday Celebrations

It was my birthday. Time to eat with the girls. Dealer's choice. Lately, I was craving sugary, pastry, carby breakfast goodness. So I checked the Jax Beach Brunch Haus menu and it sounded right on target. I found out they didn't take reservations, so we decided to go early.

The girls were in, so they got there, presents in hand, about 10 minutes before me. (It's harder to be on time when you have a 6-month-old at home and want to pick out just the right jewelry - I went with gold hoops and my new jade watch from Nana).

Breakfast Coffee

I hadn't had coffee yet and the girls had beautiful foamy, caffeinated creations in front of them, so I had to pick my poison. Plus I was barely awake at this ungodly 9:45 hour. I skimmed the choices. I didn't realize that I was in for a gourmet espresso treat!

In my advanced birthday age, I decided against a mimosa and instead chose a spicy mocha (the morning equivalent of a spicy marg, no?). Moments later, a beverage with full cappuccino art arrived. My friend Irene had the chai and Mandy had a latte. My drink was soothing and tasty!

Crepes with Berry Compote at Jax Brunch Haus

Brunch Eats & Treats

The breakfast menu was full of fun choices and ways to style your meal. For example, you can pick from Parisian, San Fran, and Left Coast styles. That is primarily for egg-based dishes. I wanted something with MORE SUGAR. One of my fave breakfast spots for a sugary meal is Canopy Road Cafe, formerly Bayard Cafe. I usually get the insane pancakes at Canopy, but at Jax Brunch Haus I was going to try something different.

I ordered the Crepes with Berry Compote. The melty blueberry goodness on top was great. I completely cleaned my plate. These crepes were more on the eggy side, which is interesting because most times I have had crepes they were a bit lighter. These were a touch closer to an omelet texture than a pancake. They were still thin, just unique. I liked them, though I think I prefer the Italian-style ones.

Skip the Birthday Cake

The best part of the morning (besides time with besties and getting presents) was the end of my meal. Instead of getting a slice of cake, our server brought a shot of espresso with whipped cream and SPRINKLES. It was the perfect adult way of saying cheers to the next birthday year.

The inside of the place is a cute, beachy cafe vibe. By the way, it's not a German place at all. I am looking forward to heading back and trying the benni's!

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