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Apple Pie

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  • Alanna Salussolia

The Donut Shoppe

  • 1535 University Blvd N Jacksonville, FL 32211

  • (904) 743-1844

The donuts are so cheap, which is crazy because they are way more delicious than your regular donut chain, nearby bakery, or fancy mini donut situation. According to The Donut Shoppe's Facebook page, the business opened in 1962 and is currently owned by David Unkelbach.

Now this joint is not fancy inside so keep your focus on that sugary fresh buttery floury-rich donut taste. Who needs comfy chairs and coffee tables, when your mouth is this happy? It doesn't even matter if the coffee is dirt (which it is), because this treat is perfect.

I believe the basic donuts are $1.75.

I love getting the donut holes and the honey dipstick. The Apple Fritters called "Uglies" look pretty amazing too.

There are a ton more options, but now that I know these are good, I don't even consider others. They do run out on a regular basis and close fairly early, so make it your first stop of the day.

Best Donuts in Town!

They're What You Call, "Yeast-Raised Donuts."

In the back of the restaurant, you can see a factory-like kitchen where they make the donuts. There are giant bags of sugar and flour. Reminds me of watching them make donuts on Mr. Rodgers as a kid. The staff is friendly and efficient about getting everyone through the line. It's more of a go, go, go atmosphere.

As you drive down University, stop here!

Parking is a little weird (available, but awkward) and the place is easy to miss, but once you've gone once you will definitely go back. Trust me on this. Best. Donuts. In. Town.

Get 'Em While They're Hot!

Warning - They are cash only, but I believe there is an ATM there. Believe me, it is worth planning ahead to bring the cash. You won't need much anyway because the price is right here.

Jumping through hoops is 100 percent worth it to get the miraculous glazed creations.

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