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Apple Pie

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  • Alanna Salussolia

Mojo Monster at Waffle Cone

Waffle Cone | 822 Post Street, Jacksonville FL 32204 | Family-owned

This very adorable ice cream parlor offers many delicious ice cream choices. The entrance features cute window seating with little stools. The main eating area has a bench by the wall for larger parties and then small tables. For those who love sampling different flavors, the ice cream flight is a must.  

Normally we like grabbing the $1 ice cream cones from McDonald's and taking a stroll on Jax beach. Sometimes it's a drive-thru cone and chowing down on the way home. But this was a special treat.

We visited the ice cream parlor as a Yelp perk. It was dubbed Elite Week at Waffle Cone Riverside. Emily got our ice cream for us. She was friendly and helpful. She guided us towards the most popular flavors and gave generous servings.

Taking Flight

Emily served our ice cream in a clear plastic to-go container with 6 empty spaces. Kind of what you'd expect a cupcake holder to look like. But instead, there were 6 colorful scoops of soft serve just waiting for us to dig in.

The flight comes with plenty of ice cream to share. Depending on your ice cream appetite, this could happily be shared between three to five people. My husband, 3-year-old and I shared one and were full to the brim after.

My favorite was the Mojo Monster ice cream which is like the ultimate cookies and cream turned BLUE. The Peanut Butter and Cappuccino Chip were close seconds. My husband's favorite was the Chocolate Fudge.

The waffle cones smelled amazing, reminding me of Klumpy's in Chattanooga. Very fun concept! It was hard to resist getting a waffle cone, but I have found in the past that waffle cones don't always taste quite as good as they smell when they are baking.

The first Waffle Cone location to open was in Flagler Beach in 2019. Cassidy & Seth Darmata's location opened in Riverside about a year ago. It's tucked over by the Five Points Hawkers, on the brick row of shops where there used to be a taco place.


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