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Fries in a Cup

All of my recent thoughts about sandwiches have got me thinking about sides. My favorite side is fries. Not chips. Not salads. Not a little bowl of fruit. Hot, slightly greasy, perfectly salted fries. I really go the extra mile and dip them in mustard. YUM!

Fries and Philly
Fries & The Steak Bomb

The problem with most sub places is that fries are not even on the menu. Unless you go to Jon Smith Subs. I recently discovered a new sub chain that is going to have the rest of the foot-longs quaking in their branded paper sandwich wrappers.

What's Your Favorite Sub Chain?

When it comes to chains, my sub go-to’s are meatball subs (slightly ashamed of this) at Subway, turkey and provolone subs on white bread at Jimmy Johns, steak and peppers at Firehouse, and buffalo chicken at Jersey Mike’s. When I’m looking for something spicy then I will go for Italian and make sure that the Publix sub has plenty of vinegar on it. But that was all before I met Solomon Jones.

Solomon Jones (and Jeff Glauser) introduced me to the Jon Smith Subs that just opened on Hodges in the Publix shopping center. Go behind Starbucks and right next to Marco's Pizza. Then walk right in and order some fries. If you are lucky, Solomon Jones, the owner, and this daughter will be working and hand you your order.

Back to Fries

Having slightly shoestringish fries as a side option differentiates this dining experience from its chain competitors. The Jon Smith marketing campaign says “Our fries wear a cup,” a seemingly silly slogan, but a clever way to house an exorbitant amount of fries. Which is to say, the perfect amount.

With most sub places not offering fries, and Five Guys stuffing their paper bags with greasy fries, having a large cup brimming with fries is an excellent and utilitarian serving choice.

INSIDER TIP: There are packs of ranch dressing by the soda fountain. Grab some for fry dunking.

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