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Safe Harbor

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Is this fresh enough?

I'm not always in the mood for seafood, but if I am hungry and don't want to dress up for Marker 32, I will trek out to Mayport for good - no, great - eats.

Jacksonville’s very bestest seafood is Safe Harbor. It's a little rustic, so all are welcome. If you love it, you can walk across the street to the market and get some fish to take home. Get some seasoning to go, like some OId Bay rub.

I heard all about this restaurant for months before I finally visited. My dad and I did a post-fishing trip to this riverside restaurant. We took the ferry and everything. We sat outside by the docked boats. There were seagulls nearby and the view of the water was great.

You'll have to drive a bit to try this fresh fish market fare. Go past Jax Beach and Neptune. Keep going and bring your appetite.

Get peel and eat shrimp, tons of fresh fish, and one of their tasty sides. They have all the seafood sauces. Be prepared to wait in a long line but end up with good eats! Say hello to my little friend.

Insider Scoop: There used to a Safe Harbor off of Beach Road by Jacksonville Beach. Now that location is Dockside Seafood. While not quite the Safe Harbor experience, the food is still delicious and the marina location is choice. The outside view is great though a bit hot on the humid summer Florida days.

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